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Open government is accountable government. See your tax dollars at work in Texas. Texas Public Education Texas’ 1,024 public school districts receive a mix of federal, state and local funding. Texas spending on public education is growing rapidly, rising by 60 percent during the last decade. Funding Texas public school districts derive most of their local funding from property taxes. The school district property tax includes two elements, a maintenance and operations (M&O) tax used to fund daily operations and an interest and sinking (I&S) tax used to pay debt service on any bonds issued for facilities construction. Debt Most of Texas’ 1,024 public school districts and almost all of it’s 50 community and junior college districts issue local property tax-supported debt for a variety of purposes including facility construction and renovation, vehicle and technology purchases.
Transparency is a broad term that, quite literally, means something that  can  be seen through. When we talk about transparency in terms of government  spending, we are referring to government opening its books to the public so that  taxpayers can see exactly where their money is going. Transparency ensures  that  taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently by ensuring decisions are made in  the  open and on the record. Transparency means that citizens can review and  question  policymakers' decisions, examine documents, root out inefficiencies  and hold  officials accountable for the way tax dollars are spent.
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