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Welcome back! This will be an exciting year for us in English !, II, II, and IV. This year English I will have a writing focused section first period and then a literature focused section fifth period. I'll also be working with students who need to do some additional prep for their EOCs.

First Six Weeks:
English I Writing - we are writing a short story and will writing book reviews for elementary.
English II - we are writing a phase autobiography and will be learning all about mass media
English III - we are reading early American literature and will be starting the drama, The
The juniors also have individual novel projects they are working on. These
projects will be due the last week of the second six weeks.
English IV - we have finished sections from two epic poems so students will now be writing
a comparison/contrast essay over the epic characteristics found in Beowulf and
The Iliad. After this, we will move in to stories revolving around King Arthur.