Welcome to the Aquilla ISD Opportunity Center. The Opportunity Center was founded in 2016 with the goal of providing services to students within Aquilla ISD as well as students from other districts. The Opportunity Center consists of three components all aimed at meeting each group of students' unique needs.

The Aquilla Behavior Classroom (ABC) is a classroom for special education students who have severe behavioral challenges that limit their ability to function in a traditional classroom setting. The ABC offers students higher staff to student ratio, smaller class size and a higher degree of structure and support.

The Credit Recovery program is designed for students who are missing a class or would like to graduate early. The program allows students to complete courses which they need to meet their graduation requirements, while working at their own pace. Courses used for credit recovery are delivered to the students through online instruction provided by Compass Learning.

The Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) makes up the final component of the Opportunity Center. The DAEP was created to serve students who have been removed from their regular classes for mandatory or discretionary disciplinary reasons. These students will be provided a structured learning environment that focuses on their core academics as well as developing their social skills.