Mission Statement of Aquilla ISD

The Aquilla ISD will educate each individual within his/her capabilities in a manner that will develop each person to his/her maximum potential and will thus prepare students for the successful pursuit of their life's goals.

Vision Statement of Aquilla ISD

The Aquilla Independent school District will provide an educational system meeting the needs of students preparing them to enter the world with confidence, ready to face challenges, achieve their goals, and lead productive lives returning benefit to the community.

District Goals

  1. Exemplary Rating
  2. Students Qualify and Enter Higher Education
  3. Pursue Grant Opportunities
  4. Enhance and Expand Fine Arts
  5. Acquire Land (as needed)
  6. Expand Technology Program
  7. Employee Compensation Review
  8. Increase Student Involvement in Community
  9. Facility Improvement
  10. From Good To Great
  11. Enhance and Expand Athletic Programs